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18-22.05.2006 The XXII International Finno-Ugrists Student conference was held in Yoshkar-Ola. Alexandr Konovalov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District, supported the initiative of the International Finno-Ugric People's University. Mari El
15.05.2006 The international seminar The Rights of National and Linguistic Minorities and Indigenous Peoples,Mechanisms and Practicies of Implementation, Perspectives of Development was held in the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, in Helsinki. On the same day, an advanced course in museology "Contemporary Finno-Ugric Museums – for Contemporary Society" was opened in Helsinki. Vladimir Kozlov, director of the Valentin Columb Museum, and Chairman of the All-Mari Council did not arrive, taken off the train by the Russian authorities. See the SURI press release of 17.05.2006 A seminar on rights, with illustrations in English and Russian. Finland
26.04.2006 The Day of the Mari Hero. Collecting of signatures under the Appeal on Behalf of the Mari People has been terminated. See the SURI press release of 26.04.2006 Appeal on Behalf of the Mari People Collected Eleven Thousand Signatures in English and Russian. Mari El
17.04.2006 The Government of the Russian Federation amended the list of "small-in-number" indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East of the Russian Federation, and brought it in accord with the 2002 All-Russian population census. The Vepsians were for the first time granted this status, see the news by INDIGENOUS.RU in Russian. Russian Federation
16.04.2006 The Congress of the Erzya People is held in Saransk. The texts of the resolution and other documents of the Congress are available in Russian at the website of the fortnigtly ERZYAN MASTOR. Mordovia
13-16.04.2006 A resolution adopted at the seminar Information Policies in Finno-Ugric Space contained a decision in Russian "form united Finno-Ugric information space" and a number of recommendations including to adopt the Charter of the Russian Association of Finno-Ugric Journalists, to support the creation of an All-Russian Finno-Ugric Newspaper and to create the Federal Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples in the framework of the Federal Finno-Ugric Cultural Centre. Read more on this topic the news by KOMIINFORM in Russian 17.04.(2), 20.04. Komi
10.04.2006 DAS PARLAMENT, a weekly of the German Parliament Bundestag, in its nr 15/16, 2006, published an article in German by Marianna Butenschn about the situation of Finno-Ugric peoples and their languages in the Russian Federation, in particular on the situation in Udmurtia and Mari-El, as well as the role of the Council of Europe in its improvement. Germany
06.04.2006 The news agency KOMIINFORM spread the news in Russian 6.04. and 7.04. that Russian President Putin has approved the idea of the Federal Finno-Ugric Cultural Centre to be established in Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, and ordered Russian Minister of Culture to support this initiative. Read more news by KOMIINFORM in Russian 17.04. (1) on the President's approval. The later news from 11.04. about President's order to Minister disappeared from the webpage of KOMIINFORM. Komi
03.04.2006 The weekly ERZYAN PRAVDA published an interview in Erzya (available also in Russian) with Mikhail Vasyutin, Deputy Head of the Government of the Republic of Mari-El, answering question about an All-Russian Finno-Ugric Newspaper. He finds that the newspaper should be funded form federal budget. In 1999-2002, an All-Finno-Ugric Newspaper KUDO-KODU with Vladimir Kozlov as chief editor. Mordovia
29.03.2006 The newspaper GUBERNIA published the news on racist accidents and xenofobia in Karelia. A skinhead was killed in Petroskoi on 20.04.2006, according to the news of NEWSRU.COM in Russian. Karelia
23-24.03.2006 An international scientific conference on studies in the causes of men's death and the 2nd International symposium Ecology, demography and health of Finno-Ugric peoples took place in Izhevsk, read the news in Russian 21.03.(4)
21-22.03.2006 A session of the Consultative Committee of Finno-Ugric Peoples was held in Izhevsk. Amongst other topic , the latest amendments to the federal law on non-commercial organisations and their possible impact on Finno-Ugric cooperation were discussed. Read the news distributed by the press centre of the State Council of the Udmurt Rebublic in Russian 21.03.(1), 21.03.(2), 21.03.(3). The daily Izvestia Udmurtskoy Respubliki also published the news in Russian 23.03. Udmurtia
14.03.2006 Lennart Meri, President of Estonia 1992-2001, died. His interest in ethnic and cultural kinship among the scattered Finno-Ugric family was a life-long theme within his work. See WIKIPEDIA in English. Estonia
13.03.2006 The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) distributed in Russian through the Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples FINUGOR.RU its official disproof of the news published 13.03.2006 in Russian by the agency REGNUM. See the press release of 13.03.2006 by SURI News agency Regnum spreads invented information about situation with human rights of Finno-Ugric peoples in the Russian Federation in English and Russian.
04-05.03.2006 The board of the Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples YAFUP/MAFUN held its session in Helsinki It adopted an appeal in English and Russian to the authorities not to interfere into the Association's activities. See the SURI press release of 09.03.2006 in English and Russian Youth organisation YAFUP/MAFUN declares the politisation of student conference IFUSCO inadmissible. Finland
02.03.2006 A seminar The Maris and the Mari culture in the 21st century as a part of the Russian and European community was held by the Russian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland. Read the news in English by the Finnish daily HELSINGIN SANOMAT. Read also the SURI press release of 03.03.2006 Report of the International Helsinki Federation on the Mari Minority is "objective", says Mari Minister of Culture. See the coverage by the Finnish television YLE TV in its program Atlas in Finnish. Finland
21.02.2006 The International Mother Language Day. Read the presentation of the New Testament in Erzya language, the news by NEWSRU.COM in Russian. The festival Let us speak in mother tongue in Izhevsk is covered by the daily Izvestia Udmurtskoy Respubliki in Russian. Mordovia, Udmurtia
03.02.2006 The news agency Regnum, in its coverage in Russian of The report on situation in Mari El made by the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) and Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG), compiled two arbitrary chosen extracts from the report to draw wrong conclusions, argues the news agency MariUver in Russian. The Bulletin of Network for Ethnic Monitoring and Early Warning (EAWARN), in its No. 65 issue (January-Fabruary 2006) in Russian, cited this news of Regnum as if it were a true picture of the situation in Mari El. Russian Federation
01.02.2006 The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights IHF and Moscow Helsinki Group MHG published their report The Human Rights Situation of the Mari Minority of the Republic of Mari El, available in English and Russian. See also the IHF press release of 01.02.2006 The Mari Minority of the Republic of Mari El is Politically Disempowered and Culturally Vulnerable in English, Russian and Finnish. On 15.02.2006, IHF distributed another press release on the issue, titled Escalating Harassment of Mari National Activists in English and Russian. Austria
26.01.2006 The 1st All-Russian Handicraft Exhibition of Finno-Ugric Peoples was held in Saransk. Read the news by the regional news agency INFO-RM in Russian. Mordovia
17-19.01.2006 Mikhail Vasyutin, Deputy Head of Government and Minister of Culture, Press and Nationalities of the Republic of Mari El, visited Estonia at the invitation of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia. As well as at his previous visit in July 2005 (see the SURI press release of 05.07.2005 in Russian), Vasyutin opened an exhibition of paintings and drawings of Mari artists in the premises of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn. See the SURI press release of 20.01.2006 in English and Russian. Estonia

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