Iron Swing Dancers in Estonia
(June 28 ­ July 14 1997)


How it all began...

An article on Wes Stevenson's first visit to Estonia by Kerti Tergem

An excerpt from the Chronicle section of the newsletter Uralic Contacts (issue 4/1997):

June 28 – July 14
After an interim of one year, nineteen Native Americans of the Prairie Cree tribe from Canada performed their traditional dances in the setting of a country music fesival in Estonia on the invitation of the Estonian culture exchange society Thunderbird. The members of the group were school and college students aged between 12 and 21, accompanied by Leonard Hardlotte (Vice Chief, First Nations Government) and Wes Stevenson (Saskatchewan Indian Federated College).

Translations of some articles published in Estonian newspapers on the occasion:

(All articles translated from Estonian by Ott Heinapuu)

A bibliography of articles published in Estonian press (in Estonian)

The Picture gallery

Includes so far only most of the photos published as illustrations to the translated articles.

Legal situation and Organisations of Canada's Indigenous Peoples
(Pravovoe polozhenie i organizacii korennyh narodov Kanady)

(translated from Estonian into Russian by Valeri Kalabugin)
by Kaido Kama, Director of Võro Institute
Summary in English.

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