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UDMURTS or Votyaks - The Endangered Uralic Peoples: Short Reference Guide (SURI, 1995)

Vasily Ohryakov The Udmurt Feminine Poetry INF 2, Association of Finno-Ugric Literatures, 1996

Viktor Shibanov. Ethnofuturism in Udmurtia (1999)

International ethnofuturistic festival Idna, May 23-27 2002 Izhkar, Udmurtia:
Viktor Shibanov (Udmurtia). Ethnofuturism in the Udmurt Literature
Yuri Kuchiran (Udmurtia). Udmurt shamanism: my antiquity and my contemporaneity
Marina Khodyreva (Udmurtia). Ethnofuturism and Music
Olga Alexandrova (Udmurtia).
The concept of monoperformance 'Three wedding tunes' (Kuin' syuan gur'yos) based on the motifs of Udmurt folklore
Vladimir Vladykin (Udmurtia).
Tang'yra is calling


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Lusatian Sorbs express their solidarity with Udmurts 26 August 2005
Hopeless Udmurts appeal to Europe for support 19 August 2005