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Some treatments of the concept of ethno-futurism in Estonia

Heinapuu Ott & Andres Heinapuu

Ethnofuturism - an insight of the humankind and a vision of the future


Ethnofuturism: a way of thinking and a vision of the world

N.A. Rosenberg, Ph.D.Member of the AiC Section

The concept of monoperformance ‘Three wedding tunes’ (Kuin’ syuan gur’yos) based on the motifs of Udmurt folklore

Ethnofuturism and Music

Marina Khodryeva

Udmurt shamanism: my antiquity and my contemoraneity

Yuri Kuciran

Ethnofuturism in the Udmurt Literature

Viktor Shibanov
Udmurt State University, Izhevsk

Tang'yra is calling

Prof. V. Vladykin

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