Finno-Ugric Peoples' Consultative Commitee






Members and observers




Rules of the Consultative Committee
of Finno-Ugrian Peoples

1. Procedures of the Consultative Committee are based on the principle of consensus.

2. Executive and administrative activity of the Consultative Committee is guided by its Chairman and three Co-ordinators who are representatives of the following countries: Estonia, Finland, Hungary, and Russian Federation.

3. Sittings of the Consultative Committee are convoked by its Chairman at least once a year.

4. Members of the Consultative Committee may use communication facilities to take decisions on urgent questions.

5. Drafts of decisions proposed to the Consultative Committee, as well as information necessary thereof, must be produced to the headquarters of the Consultative Committee at least a month prior to its next sitting.

6. Representatives of governmental bodies, non-governmental and other organisations, as well as experts, may be invited by the Chairman and Co-ordinators to participate at the sittings of the Consultative Committee.

7. Decisions of the Consultative Committee of Finno-Ugrian Peoples have recommendatory character.

8. Information releases on sittings of the Consultative Committee are issued by the Committees Secretariat.

9. The Consultative Committee elects three auditors who shall not be members of the Consultative Committee.

10. Temporary working groups and expert commissions may be formed by the Consultative Committee to elaborate on various problems.

11. Working languages of the Consultative Committee are English and Russian.



World Congresses of the Finno-Ugric Peoples
I - Syktyvkar, 1992
II - Budapest, 1996
III -Helsinki, 2000
IV - Tallinn, 2004