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ODOMAA Unofficial creative group



International ethnofuturistic festival
May, 23-27, 2002, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia

IDNA festival is named after the glorious hero of the Udmurt. The festival is devoted to Finno-Ugric peoples finding their national heroes.

The festival objectives:

  • Promotion of youth creative self-expression

  • Introducing Finno-Ugric cultural values to youth

  • Development and promotion of new ethnofuturistic tendencies in national traditional cultures among youth

  • Establishing creative links among youth stepping into The Dawn Age

The event is organized by ODOMAA creative group with the assistance of Open Society Institute, Ministry for Ethnic Policy of Udmurt Republic, Ministry of Culture of Udmurt Republic, Udmurt Republic State Youth Policy Committee, UDMURT KENESH All-Udmurt Association, Russian Academy of Science Ural department Institute of Udmurt language, literature and culture, GALLERY municipal exhibition center, Udmurt National Museum or Regional studies, SHUNDY Udmurt public youth organization, ERIC Izhevsk public youth political organization, UDMURTIA publishing house, INVOZHO youth magazine, VMESTE Udmurt national culture societies association, Udmurt Republic Artists Association.

Among the participant of the festival are young creative people from Udmurt Republic, Tchuvash republic, Mariy-El, Mordovia, Khannty-Mansiysky autonomous district, Udmurt minorities of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, as well as from Estonia, Finland, Hungary. 

The approximate number of the participants is 50 people. The festival is due May, 23-27, 2002. The festival site are Izhevsk museums and villages of Igrinsky, Uvinsky, Glazovsky districts of Udmurt Republic.

The official languages of the festival are Udmurt, Russian, English.
For any other information contact YURI LOBANOV at:
(3412) 78-69-93 at 8.30-12.00, 13.00-17.30
(3412) 58-73-17 at 20.00-22.00.
The time mentioned is local, add 1 hour to Moscow time.
e-mail: kuchiran@udmnet.ru

The festival schedule

May, 23

10.00-12.00 -Guests pick-up 
14.30-15.00 -Lunch 
16.00-17.00 -Opening of M.Garipov exhibition "The fairy-tale world of Komi people" at GALLERY municipal exhibition center. Komi republic delegation performance 
17.30-18.30 - Dinner 
19.00-22.00 -Visiting a painter's workshop. Ethnofuturistic reading at INVOZHO youth magazine editorial office with Dr.V.Shibanov of Udmurt State University and P.Zakharov, editor. Happenings

May, 24

8.00-9.00 -Breakfast 
9.30-14.00 -Boat ride around Izhevsk lake. Onboard opening of "We are Red-haired" event 
14.30-15.00 - Lunch 
15.30-17.00 -"Weaved of dreams and memories" mono-play by Olga Alexandrova at the Puppet theatre. 17.30-18.30 -Opening of International ethnofuturistic art exhibition at GALLERY municipal exhibition center. Various ethnofuturistic art performances, ethnic fashion shows by local avant-garde designers, folk dance, singing and musical performance by amateur groups from various districts of Udmurt republic


8.00-9.00 - Breakfast. Visiting the village of Uzei-Tooklya. Opening of the wood park sculpture museum. VITAL POWER performance 
12.00-13.00 - Lunch. Visiting the village of Sep 
15.00-24.00 - Opening of the festival in the village of Sep. Includes a great number of cultural and ethnofuturistic events, such as poetic readings, Udmurt traditional fabric dolls exhibition, dance and singing performances. Lunch and dinner.


8.00-9.00 -breakfast in a village
10.00-12.00 -visiting Idnakar, the site of an ancient settlement, BATYR HONOURS performance. Lunch in the town of Glazov
13.30 -departure to Izhevsk
16.00-17.00 -ARCHAEOPTERIX Group performance at ARTPROMHALL gallery
17.00-19.00 - Izhevsk sightseeing tour
20.00 -farewell dinner

May, 27.

8.00-9.00 -breakfast. Sightseeing. Departures

Note: Two weeks before the festival a group of 10 best wood carvers from all districts of Udmurt Republic is selected to start 10 large park sculptures in the village of Uzei-Tooklya. One of the sculptures is to be delivered to Izhevsk a week before the festival to be displayed at GALLERY municipal exhibition center. The sculpture then gets painted by S.Orlov to be ready for the festival opening. The sculpture is intended to become the center of the exhibition composition.



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