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moderator of the project : Lobanov Yury Nikolaevich (Kuchiran Yuri), member of Artist Union of RF, The State Prize of UR winner,
artistic editor of "Literary Publishing House "Udmurtia", promoter of the municipal non-commercial public organization “Odomaa”

Term of carrying out the project: 9-12 of July, 2004
Applications are to be sent till the 1st of May, kuchiran@udmnet.ru
Operational languages: Udmurt, Russian, English.

The manager of the project: Harchenko Stepan Sergeevich, manager of municipal non-commercial public organization

Timetable for festival "Yur-Yar"

Brief annotation of the project.

Festival Yur-Yar wants to achieve the idea where ethnofuturism gets activated and further developed in many regions of Udmurt Republic, Tatarstan and Finno-Ugric world, with special attention paid to reproducing and developing cultural and ideological identities, which are capable of increasing efficiency of social management with the help of active communication via Internet. Portal peljo-peljo.ru is being provided with a post server, a forum, an authorized system of publishing data, a post distribution and a multimedia dialogue available there.

The organizations, responsible for the participants to take part in the festival are in charge for travel expenses. The organizations arranging the festival are in charge for accommodation, sustenance and journeys within the borders of Udmurtia. This project is aimed at solving the following problems:

- maintaining collective self-awareness of ethnoculture of the udmurts living in the urban area and in Alnashsky District by provoking and activating their ethnocultural self-awareness

- maintaining ideological identity by introducing representatives of different nationalities (Finno -Ugric, Slavic, Turkish) into this environment

- revealing all possible ways of cross-cultural and ideological dialogue by means of active ethnofuturistic udmurt game, called "Yur-Yar dialogue" in the course of the festival, which will take place from the 9th to the 11th of July

- mutual cultural enrichement of all the participants of the festival, achieved by their taking active part and coping with creative competition during the fectival, including producing sacred fire in an archaic "udmurt" way as one of the major part of the game.

Townsfolk plunge into harmony of cultural and human relations, and countryfolk get aware of and close to futuristic splashes of town culture, based on traditional folk culture but interspersed with borrowings of the best world cultural items without leaving home.

The main steps taken in order to organize the festival are given/displayed/mirrored in mass media of Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Finn - Ugric newspaper "Kudo-Kudo", which is published in Ioshcor-Ola city and distributed in Russia and abroad, in radiojournal "Finn-Ugric World" of STRC ''Udmurtia", broadcasting in all Finn-Ugric regions of Russia, in Estonian art-magazine "Kunst.ee", in Finnish magazine "Alkukoti" and circulation of information via network of international information posting ugrimugri@lists.ut.ee, udmurtia-eesti@lists.ut.ee.

Total number of participants is 80 people (Udmurtia, Tatorstan, Bashkortostan, Komi, Mary El, Mordovia, Chuvashia, Carelia, Permsky area, Krasnoyatsky Region, Estonia, Finland, Hungary).

In the project are involved following institutions: informal creative group "Odomaa", Ministry of National Politics of Udmurt Republic, All-Udmurt Assotiation "Udmurt Kenesh", Regional Social Movement "Udmurt Culture Society", Ministry of Culture of Udmurt Republic", Artist Union of Udmurt Republic, Ministry of National Education of Udmurt Republic, the Youth Policy Committee (Udmurtia), concerned ministries and departments of Finno-Ugric countries and regions of Russia, Udmurt Republic Museum of Fine Arts (URMFA), Artist Union of Naberezhny Chelny town, creative group "Tamga", Folk Friendship House, Administration of Alnashsky District (Udmurt Republic), Administration of the Bayteryakovo village (Alnashsky District), staff of Bayteryakovo secondary school, Fenno-Ugria Foundation (Estonia), Related Folks Project (Estonia), the Students’organization of the University of Helsinki (SKV-HYY).

Timetable for festival "Yur-Yar".

9th of July
Arrival of the participants and guests.
1 p.m.-2 p.m.- dinner
5 p.m.- opening of the festival in Udmurt Republic Museum of Fine Arts (exhibition, perfomances, happenings with all the participants taking part, including guests from Alnashsky District, lunch)
9 p.m.- supper

10th of July
8.30 a.m.-9.30 a.m.- breakfast
10 a.m.- departure for Bayteryakovo village, Alnashsky District
2 p.m.-3 p.m.-dinner
4 p.m.- opening of the festival in Bayteryakovo village ( exhibition of decorative-applied art of schoolchildren and people of the region, personal exhibition of shtandarts "In Lipet" (Sacred tent), literary and art perfomances, happenings)
6 p.m.- climax of the festival - magnificent national game "Yur-Yar" with all the delegations of the festival taking part as well as countryfolk of Bayteryakovo village, these of nearest villages, schoolchildren of Bayteryakovo's secondary school, national Udmurt cuisine, merry festival till the morning

11th of July
8.30 a.m.-9.00a.m.- breakfast in Udmurt families
9.30 a.m.- departure of the delegations into local schools, villages of Alnashsky District with master-classes, lectures on contemporary ethnofuturistic forms and types of art
1 p.m.-2 p.m.-dinner
3 p.m.- trance-mass-meditative happening "Soya-Taya" on the high bank of the Kama in the area of Golushermy village with all the forms and types of art being used simultaneously
6 p.m- departure for Izhevsk
9 p.m.- farewell supper

12th of July
8 a.m.- 9a.m.- breakfast
10 a.m.- press conference
departure of the delegations

Ministry of National Politics minister Larisa Buranova
coordinator of the project

Descriptive note about the organization, carrying out the project Creative group "Odomaa" appeared in 1998 after the 2nd International conference on ethnofuturism, which took place in Izhevsk. The group deals with spreading and developing ethnofuturistic movement in Udmurt Republic, regions of Russia and abroad as a creative studio aimed at generating new splashes in art. The group has already arranged 8 International ethnofuturistic festivals. Since autumn of 2003 the group has bee registered as a noncommercial organization. Izhevsk municipal noncommercial public organization "Odomaa" 426063 Izhevsk Kluchevoy posyolok street 81/8



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