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4th conference of finno-ugric
young creators on ethnofuturism

Tartu, Estonia, July 25 to 26
Viljandi, Estonia, July 27 to 29

Press release 21 July 2001: Etnofutu4 Will Bring Ethnofuturists from the East and the West to Estonia

Sessions and workshops

The first main session, 25.07

The opening words by the Board the Fenno-Ugria Foundation
The Greeting by Nick Hennessey (an Englishman)
Kari Sallamaa (a Finn):
Ethnofuturism and cosmofuturism. On developing our philosophy
Yuri Kaliyev (a Mari): On modern ethnic religion
Tatyana Minniakhmetova (an Udmurt): The ethnic religion - perspectives and dangers
Natalya Rozenberg (an Udmurt): First of all, to embrace one’s own soul... (Ethnofuturism in the arts of Russia’s Finno-Ugrians)
Vladimir Romashkin (an Erzyan-Mordvin): On the vitality and necessity of the ethnic music in the XXIInd century
Janika Oras (an Estonian):The re-birth of the runic singing in Estonia
Kaido Kama (an Estonian): A good influence of warm seas to the rise of an ethnofuturistic statehood

The second main session, 26.07.

Ott Heinapuu (an Estonian): Different contents of the notion ‘ethnofuturism’
Andres Heinapuu (an Estonian): The opportunities and challenges of the postmodernistic environment to the aboriginal peoples
Irina Orekhova (an Udmurt) and Kauksi Ülle (a Võro/South Estonian): On a creative surpassing of the ancient Udmurt and Võro worldview and the modern times
Pavel Mikushev (a Komi): On Komi signs and pictographics, on illustrating a book on Komi mythology
Ahto Kaasik (an Estonian): On the own-faith in the own-world

The third main session: Ethnofuturistic literature, 26.07.

Viktor Shibanov (an Udmurt): Ethnofuturism digging a grave for postmodernism
Hasso Krull (an Estonian): On interpreting and using folk poetry
Hannu Oittinen (a Finn): On the impossibilities of ethnofuturism in Finland
Artur Arteyev (a Komi): Cultural bilinguism in the literature
Miikul Pahomov (a Lude): Ludian language forms a nation
Nikolay Abramov (a Vepsian):Why to translate into small languages
Perkka Sirkiä (a Finn): Science fiction in Finland
Berk Vaher (an Estonian): On the opportunities of the national literature

Workshop on signs and symbols, 27.07

Svetlana Gausheva (an Erzyan-Mordvin): Ancient Mordvin kin signs - letters lost under pressure
Kärt Summatavet (an Estonian): Mother’s brooch is singing
Kuchyran Yuri (an Udmurt):On the character of the Udmurt flag
Heie Treier (an Estonian):On using Estonian symbols in arts

Workshop on music, 28.07

Aleksander Sünter (an Estonian):Where did the songs come to me from?
Vladimir Romashkin (an Erzyan-Mordvin):From traditional folksonfs to the Erzyan jazz and disco
Vaike Sarv (an Estonian):An analysis of the Romashkin’s group
Helen Kõmmus (an Estonian):The Sami singing tradition today
Märt Mattis Lill (an Estonian): On the relationship between folk and ‘artistic’ music in the light of ethnofuturism
Grigori Ignatov (a Komi):On the ethnic Komi pop

Workshop on mythological comics, 28.07
Driven by Leif Packalen and Lidia Kivinen (Finns)

Workshop ‘Raise your head, the people living!’, 29.07

Nele Reimann (a Võro): Contributing to the formation of an aboriginal worldview in children on the example of teaching the Võro culture (a TV program on videotape)
Anzori Barkalaja (an Estonian):On educating people carrying the traditional culture in the Viljandi Colledge of Culture
Pavel Mikushev (a Komi):On teaching Komi arts in an elite school’ (a video program)

Mariz Kemal (an Erzyan): On revitalizing the Erzyan sacrificing. The important things (in addition:a video program on Erzyan sacrificing by Taive and Indrek Särg (Estonians))
Peeter Sepp (an Estonian Canadian): Ethnofuturism - artistic action in the multicultural world to support investigating, using and staying at an ethnic culture (together with an installation,exhibition and slides)

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