Uralic Contacts is the newsletter of SURI.

Published quarterly in English and Russian, the newsletter will include the following sections:

a chronicle of political, cultural and scientific events in the Finno-Ugric world and of the Uralic studies, as well as information on the forthcoming events;

documents (declarations, treaties, national laws, etc.) concerning Finno-Ugrian and other indigenous peoples;

summaries from scientific magazines all over the world, related to all aspects of culture, history and life of the Finno-Ugrian and Samoyed peoples;

annotated bibliography of books on Finno-Ugrian and other indigenous peoples (works in linguistics, ethnology, sociology, law, philosophy, religion, etc.).

The editor will be grateful to the readers for any additional materials (in English or in Russian) for the sections Chronicle and Forthcoming Events, as well as for summaries of published articles.


Andres Heinapuu

No 1 - October 1996

No 2 - February 1997

No 3 - May 1997

No 4 - December 1997