IDNA Creative Teamwork, together with Bronze Age Group, "Arheopterix" Art Group, the Ministry of National Politics of Udmurt Republic, Administration of Alnashsky District of Udmurtia

the International Ethnofuturism Festival

The word combination "Pelnian" in Udmurt and Komi languages means "ear-shaped bread"/"dumplings". In olden times this dish was a sort of universal canned food for hunters who wandered in the woods in search of game. Ears in the traditional culture are endowed with a strong semiotic meaning. The usage of the meat from a bear and a pike, or lamb in the pelnian mincemeat was associated with the totemistic beliefs of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Ears hearing everything, they know about everything. Ears also are a loving human organ that has a very strong erotic meaning.

Many creative people take part in the festival who come from Udmurtia, Finno-Ugric Regions of Russia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Mongolia and the USA. The approximate amount of the participants is 30 persons. The daedline for sending the application forms for participation is 1 March 2003.

Udmurt, Russian and English are working languages of the festival.

Contact phones numbers and e-mails:

786993 (in the day time), 587317 (after 8 p.m.) - Jury Lobanov (Kuchiran Juri) and Odomaa Creative Teamwork

Fax - (3412) 781507

781023 (in the day time ) - Larissa Buranova (the Ministry of National Politics of Udmurt Republic)

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The programme of the festival