of the Session of the TV Section of the Workshop "lnternet in the Finno-Ugric Information Space"


Since the previous meeting at Lohusalu, Estonia (March 1997) co-operation between the Finno-Ugrian broadcasting corporations has intensified. The body of founders of the TV magazine Finno-Ugorsky Mir (The Finno-Ugric World), involving the State Broadcasting Committees Komi Gor, Udmurtia, Marii El, Mordovia, Karelia, Permian TV, Yugoria, now also includes the State Broadcasting Committee Komi-Permyatskaya.

For the first time the session of representatives on Finno-Ugric broadcasting companies was attended by MTV and Duna-TV of Hungary. An agreement of further cooperation was reached by the broadcasting companies of Russia and the Television Companies of Estonia, Finland and Hungary, including an arrangement between Duna-TV and the Russian broadcasting companies concerning the exchange of TV programmes.

The idea to launch the project of Folk Tales of the Finno-Ugric Peoples and that of Folk Songs was approved of. It was proposed that these projects and the deadlines of preparation should be submitted to the management of the broadcasting companies for further consideration and confirmation (see Appendix).

The importance of the Internet in the exchange of information between the Finno-Ugrian broadcasting companies was admitted. The experience of connecting the data banks of the SBC Marii El to the Internet was estimated as positive.

The preparatory work of the Finnish broadcasting company Yleisradio for the presentation of the TV programme "The Finno-Ugric Identity" in Tampere in June 1997 was appreciated.

The subsequent TV Festivals were scheduled for 1998 in Estonia and 1999 in Hungary.

The proposal of the representatives of MTV, Hungary to hold the next round-table session of the representatives of Finno-Ugric broadcasting companies in Budapest in April 1997 was acceded to.

Tallinn, April 11,1997

SBC Marii El G. Mihailova
SBC Komi Gor M. Matveyev
SBC Udmurtia V. Alasheyev
SBC Mordovia V. Uchayev
ETV (Estonia) P. Suurvšli
MTV (Hungary) G. Benků
Duna-TV (Hungary) J. Havasi
Yleisradio (Finland) L. Hovinheimo