The 3rd World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples

Strategic Concept in the Field of Media and IT for the years 2000 to 2005

Basic Principles

1. Expansion of the use of Finno-Ugric languages in mass media.

2. Propagandizing, in the Finno-Ugric and other mass media, the need to preserve and develop Finno-Ugric languages and cultures .

3. Adherence to the fundamental democratic principle of independence of mass media.

4. Increasing economic efficiency of the Finno-Ugric mass media.

5. Introduction and active application of modern information transfer technologies in the Finno-Ugric mass media

6. Regular information exchange between the Finno-Ugric mass media.

7. Regular information on the problems and cultural life of Finno-Ugric people disseminated to the world population.

8. Development of co-operation between the information structures of Finno-Ugric peoples.

9. Formation and development of an informational infrastructure.

10. Personnel training and increasing the professional skills in the sphere of mass media.

Responsible institutions
Influencing the national policy in the sphere of mass media. Appealing to the respective governmental institutions. World Congress of Finno-Ugric People.
  Follow-up monitoring after appeals. Analysing the situation and making additional appeals or taking other steps under own initiative, as well as following a notification by representatives of the Finno-Ugric mass media. Consultative Committee of Finno-Ugric Peoples.
  Monitoring the situation and informing the Consultative Committee.  Finno-Ugric mass media, Working Group on Media and IT, national NGOs, national cultural autonomies, members of human rights organisations.
Campaigning in the Finno-Ugric and other mass media to propagandize Finno-Ugric languages and cultures. Series of articles, radio and TV broadcasts, advertising campaigns, etc.  Editorial boards, NGOs and culture organisations, Working Group on Media and IT.
  Producing and distributing information packages on Finno-Ugric peoples containing the most important information on a people’s culture and history in text, pictures, audio and video clips appropriate for the use in mass media. The Consultative Committee shall commission the information packages from the respective information structures. Activities shall be coordinated by the Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples (SURI).
Establishing archives in the mass media on history, culture and traditions of Finno-Ugric peoples. Cataloguing the archives, transferring them to the modern media, and placing the catalogues on the Internet. Regional media organisations and governmental bodies.
Extending the use of Finno-Ugric languages in the television and video. Providing the translation of TV programmes from and into Finno-Ugric languages by means of subtitling. The Working Group on Media and IT (TV Section) of the Consultative Committee, regional TV companies and interested organisations.
  Fund raising to provide the purchase of equipment.  
  Seminars and training courses on the use of equipment and the linguistic problems in subtitling.  
Teaching modern management in the sphere of mass media. Seminars and training courses in management strategy and economic efficiency in mass media. Editorial boards, SURI.
Facilitating the access to information sources and information processing. Promoting information exchange between the Finno-Ugric mass media. Establishing and implementing a programme of purchasing computer equipment and providing the access to the Internet (above all, for the media organisations lacking those means). Consultative Committee in co-operation with the Working Group on Media and IT.
  Practical training courses on the use of modern equipment and Internet for journalists and other information workers.  
  Compilation of mailing lists and news groups. SURI, other organisations or private persons.
  Signing agreements between Finno-Ugric mass media on exchange of information. Editorial boards under co-ordination by SURI.
Introducing and maintaining web sites on the Internet. Opening and registering the web sites. Providing support to publishing electronic versions of printed mass media on the Internet. Exchanging hyperlinks and making up a Finno-Ugric web-ring. Consulting and exchanging experience on creation of web sites, as well as on the use of Finno-Ugric languages on the Internet. All interested organisations. Coordination and support shall be provided by SURI when necessary.
Supporting journalists and authors’ teams. Continuing the Finnish initiative of holding contests for best creative works. Interested organisations.
Supporting drafting of projects. Holding contests of ideas and introducing annual prizes for the best idea of a project concerning mass media. Developing projects based on the best ideas not yet implemented. Working Group on Media and IT, interested bodies.
Fundraising. Seminars and training courses to convey the worldwide experience of running NGOs (including project drafting to apply for grants). The Consultative Committee in co-operation with interested bodies.
Developing the information infrastructure, training specialists. Providing the wide access to the Internet.  
  Teaching computer skills. Teaching new media.  
  Encouraging and supporting projects of opening computer classes in Finno-Ugric schools.  
  Student exchange.  
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