on the information exchange between Finno-Ugric mass media

Jäneda, Estonia
4 June 2000

Proceeding from the decision taken by the participants in the Round Table of representatives of Northern Eurasian indigenous peoples’ mass media (Jäneda, Estonia, 1–4 June 2000), we the representatives of mass media of Finno-Ugric peoples have concluded this agreement aimed to extend the common information space and to exchange information and materials.


1.1. Establishing the exchange of information packages (by fax, e-mail, or post) between the signatories of this agreement at least once per month.

The participants of this agreement shall notify each other of any changes or additions in their addresses.

1.2. Aiming to extend the common information space, the participants of this agreement shall search for new forms and methods thereof, passing their proposals to the SURI.

1.3. Informing each other on major forthcoming activities or events in their regions so as to facilitate possible participation or coverage in the mass media.


2.1. The signatories shall themselves agree on the languages of delivery.

2.2. Subjects to be covered: major regional and national events; social, economic and political situation; foreign economic relations; culture, science and education; ecology.

2.3. Participation in establishing the common information space of those representatives of mass media who were absent at the signing of this Protocol of Intentions, is welcomed.


Y. Solovyov Editor-in-Chief, newspaper Kugarnya
V. Koltsov Deputy Director, State Radio and TV Company Mari El; Art Director, Art Association Erkas
G. Mikhailova Deputy Chairperson, State Radio and TV Company Mari El
V. Kozlov
(Laid Shemier)
Editor-in-Chief, Finno-Ugric newspaper Kudo+Kodu; Director, Valentin Kolumb Museum
A. Yuzykain Editor, newspaper Rodnichok
E. Yuzykain Project Manager
E. Chetvergov Editor-in-Chief, newspaper Erzyan Mastor
E. Vinogradova Correspondent, Section of Culture, newspaper Udmurt Dunne
Z. Volokitin Editor, news agency Komiinform
T. Kineva Editor, State Radio and TV Company Komi Gor
N. Bykovskaya Editor-in-Chief, newspaper Komi Mu
N. Makarova Acting Editor-in-Chief, State Radio and TV Company Komi Gor
R. Khromova Head Editor, Radio Section, State Radio and TV Company Yugoria
T. Merova Editor, TV Section, State Radio and TV Company Yugoria
S. Rombandeyeva Acting Editor, newspaper Luima Seripos
L. Porbina Correspondent, newspaper Taymyr
N. Bolina Editor, State Radio and TV Company Taymyr
A. Kirjanen Editor, magazine Omal Maal; Member of the editorial board, newspaper Inkeri
N. Antonova Correspondent, newspaper Oma Mua
N. Abramov Section editor, newspaper Kodima
M. Petrova Correspondent, newspaper Karjalan Sanomat
A. Yeremeyev Editor-in-Chief, Joint Editorial Office of Local Languages Broadcasting, State Radio and TV Company Karelia
N. Fomin Correspondent, newspaper Kodima
N. Krasavtseva Deputy Director, Press Centre of RK Culture Institutions, Deputy Editor, newspaper Lyceum
Frode Gr¸nmo Head of Department, Norvegian TV
Kirsikka Moring Journalist, Culture Section, newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, theatre critic
Andres Heinapuu Manager, Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples

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