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MORDVINS (Erzyas and Mokshas) - Endangered Uralic Peoples

Erza We Are! by Mariz Kemal, in INF 2 (Bulletin of the Association of Finno-Ugric Literatures, 1996)

Appeal to Chairman of the State Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia by Erzyan and Mokshan intelligentsia (1997)

Folk music group Toorama (SURI, 1999)

Yuri Dyrin, Erzya ethno-futurist painter (a short biography and paintings, SURI 2001)

Torama (SURI, 1999)


Ensemble Shokshanka performs in Estonia at the Day of Erzya Language: Press release 18 April 2006

ETHNIC MINORITY IN RUSSIA: MEDIA IS FILLED WITH MISINFORMATION: The Erzya minority complains of linguistic and cultural oppression. 25 August 2005