The History of the Livonians in Dates

ca. 1100 first mention of the Livonians in the Russian Chronicle of Nestor
ca. 1180 Germans land at the mouth of the Daugava
1186 Crusade against the Livonians started
1201 the city of Riga, dividing the territory of the Livonians into two, founded to be the centre of Christianisation
1206 uprising of the Livonians, resulting in the occupation of all Livonian lands by the Teutonic Order
1525 first mention of printed text in Livonian
1789 first presrved text (the Lord's prayer) in Livonian written
1846 first expedition to the Livonians of Courland and Salaca undertaken by Academician A.J.Sjögren
1861 a dictionary and grammar of the Livonian language published by A.J.Sjögren and F.J.Wiedemann
1863 first books in Livonian published (London)
1868 death of supposed last Salaca Livonian
1920 first expedition to the Livonians undertaken by Professor Lauri Kettunen and Oskar Loorits
1923-1940 Livonian taught as an optional subject in the schools of the Livonian Coast
Apr. 2
Livonians' Union (Livõd It) founded
Nov. 18
the Livonian flag introduced
Jan. 26
first church service in Livonian
Dec. 23
publishing of the Livonian newspaper Livli started
1938 Lauri Kettunen's dictionary of the Livonian language published in Helsinki
Aug. 6
the Livonian House officially opened in Ire (Mazirbe)
1940 Livonians' Union (Livõd It) suppressed by the Soviet occupation authorities Liivlaste Liit, the Livonian House expropriated
1950 the Soviet law on the border zone passed, Livonian fishermen deprived of their traditional livelihood and forced to seek employement elsewhere
1972 Livonian singing choirs founded in Ventspils and Riga, their first joint appearance at the Riga open air museum in August
Nov. 26
Livonians' Union (Livõd It) restored