Press releases
by the Information Centre
of Finno-Ugric Peoples SURI

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Mari minister promises his assistance in obtaining a Russian visa 20.01.2006
Report of the International Helsinki Federation on the Mari Minority is ‘objective’, says Mari Minister of Culture 03.03.2006
Youth organisation YAFUP/MAFUN declares the politisation of student conference IFUSCO inadmissible 09.03.2006
News agency «Regnum» spreads invented information about situation with human rights of Finno-Ugric peoples in the Russian Federation 13.03.2006
Ensemble Shokshanka performs in Estonia at the Day of Erzya Language 18.04.2006
Appeal on Behalf of the Mari People Collected Eleven Thousand Signatures 25.04.2006
A seminar on rights, with illustrations 17.05.2006
NGO Fenno-Ugria re-established 15 years ago 31.05.2006
Estonia supports publication of works by the classic of the Mari literature 16.06.2006

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