Dr. hist. Xenophont SANUKOV

Mari State University, prof., head of the chair of regional history

Date of birth: 02.05.1935

Office: Russia, Marii El, 424000 Joshkar-Ola, pl. Lenina 1. Mari State University, kaf. reg. hist. Phone: +7-8362-121564

Home: Russia, Marii El, 424000 Joshkar-Ola, ul. Vashkaya 7, kv. 7. Phone: +7-8362-553100

E-mail: sanukov@margu.mari.ru

Works on our server:

Mariicy: proshloe, nastojashtshee, budushthsee (The Maris: past, present, future; in Russian)

Finno-Ugric Peoples of Russia before 1917: Problems of Historiography (in Russian)
Summary in English
a paper delivered at the Congressus Secundus Historiae Fenno-Ugricae (Tallinn, Oct 15-18, 1998)