Dr. hist. prof. Valeri Patrushev

Mari State University, head of the Centre of Archaeological and Ethnographic Research

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Office: Russia, Marii El, 424000 Joshkar-Ola, ul. Pushkina 30. Phone: +7-8362-121561. Fax: +7-8362-554588

Home: Russia, Marii El, 424038 Joshkar-Ola, ul. Petrova 20, kv. 358. Phone: +7-8362-213725

E-mail: patr@margu.mari.ru

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Ethnogeny of Finno-Ugrians of Russia (in Russian)
Summary in English
- a paper delivered at the Congressus Secundus Historiae Fenno-Ugricae (Tallinn, Oct 15-18, 1998)